Loxley C of E Community Primary School

"There are clear strengths in leadership" "Pupils are clearly happy at school and enjoy learning. They try hard and are very responsive to the staff who work with them" "There is a strong culture of safeguarding at Loxley." (OFSTED 2017)


In KS1 we teach phonics using  the 'Letters and Sounds' scheme,

End of Year Expectation Booklets

NC2014 Parent Leaflet-Year 1.docx

NC2014 Parent Leaflet -Year 2.docx

NC2014 Parent Leaflet- Year 3.docx

NC2014 Parent Leaflet-Year 4.docx

NC2014 Parent Leaflet-Year 5.docx

NC2014 Parent Leaflet-Year 6.docx

New Curriculum and assessment presentation 19.11.2015.pptx

Core Subject Curriculum Maps

English, Maths and Science Curriculum Map KS1.docx

English, Maths and Science Curriculum Map KS2.docx

Long Term Plan 2016.doc

Parent Guides to the new National Curriculum (NC2014)

EYFS Guide for Parents.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 1.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 2.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 3.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 4.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 5.pdf

Parents' Guide Year 6.pdf

Curriculum Policies - Core Subjects

English Policy 2015.docx

Numeracy Policy 2015.docx

Loxley Calculation Policy 2015.docx

Calculation Policy 2015.pdf

Science Policy 2015.docx

Computing Policy 2015.docx

Curriculum Policies - Foundation Subjects

Art Policy 2015.docx

Design and Technology Policy 2015.docx

Drug Education Policy 2015.docx

EYFS Policy 2015.docx

Geography Policy 2015.docx

History Policy 2015.docx

MFL Policy 2015.docx

Music Policy 2015.docx

Physical Activity and PE Policy 2015.docx

PSHE Policy 2015.docx

Religious Education Policy 2015.docx

Sex and Relationships Policy 2015.docx

General Curriculum Policies

Curriculum Policy Statement 2015.docx

Freedom of information school publication scheme 2015.docx

Teaching and Learning Policy 2015.docx

Homework Policy 2015.docx

Marking and Feedback Policy 2015.docx