Loxley C of E Community Primary School

"There are clear strengths in leadership" "Pupils are clearly happy at school and enjoy learning. They try hard and are very responsive to the staff who work with them" "There is a strong culture of safeguarding at Loxley." (OFSTED 2017)

Online Safety Champions

Online Safety Champions are a committee in school. We help children to stay safe online at home and in school. We deliver assemblies to tell the children how to stay safe online and which websites are safe and unsafe. We also answer children’s questions and problems about Online Safety. All Online Safety Champions (Year 5 and Year 6 children)   have badges so you know who we are. We are here to help keep you safe online!

Your Online Safety Champions are: Zachary Bake, Eve Campbell, Sophia Whyte, Tegan Thackwell, Bethany Hale and Trinity Badger.

We recently planned and delivered our own assembly to mark Safer Internet Day. This involved writing a play, producing Powerpoint presentations, writing a quiz and producing posters and badges.

It is important that children are playing on appropriate games for their age, as many games have inappropriate content for children. If a game is rating PEGI 12, 16 or 18, there is a reason why it is unsafe for children younger than this age. Before you let your child play on any games, check out the following site which gives information on the content. www.videostandards.org.uk

Another useful website is the NSPCC website, which has some great advice and information about how to set privacy settings and controls so that your child / children can keep safe when using computers, laptops, tablets and other media.  It is really easy to use just google NSPCC / online safety / parental controls.  Controls are a vital first step to helping to protect your child online.  The website will help you: 

Set up home broadband parental controls                  

Set controls on your search engine

Make sure every device is protected                        

Privacy settings

Block pop-ups                                               

Keep talking

It is particularly useful as it talks you through security on different types of hardware i.e. computers, tablets, iphones, blackberries etc.  Log on, give it a try and keep your children safe online.